Thursday, October 31, 2013

Are Legal Directories Worth the Investment?

There are literally thousands of legal directories and social bookmarks out on the web.  Are any of them worth the investment to take control of your profiles and populate it with relevant content?  The answer really lies within what you want your firm and your attorneys to be found for.  You can do some vanity (Practice Area + Attorney/Lawyer + Geography) searching on your own to see what comes up on the first page of your favorite search engine.  If legal directories show up, it is worth a deeper look at investing marketing dollars.

You can also do your due diligence by using the Google Ad Words tool to see how often those searches occur.  If it the phrase DUI Attorney Minneapolis has high search volume (it should, there are over 30,000 DUI's in Minnesota annually) and a legal directory is showing up on page one, buying space there should be a cost effective option to driving more qualified visibility to your firm's website.

Legal directories that I often run across during these types of searches are, , and

FindLaw receives over 5.5 million visits a month and even though Super Lawyers is a rating service, you see that directory gaining more and more visibility each month.

Bottom line is that if legal directories are showing up on for the searches you want to be found for, they are worth taking a look at regarding investing marketing dollars.